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PANDORA'S LOG, Stardate: 23020903

Rushed off my feet at the moment. Filming starts tomorrow, then we're gearing up to fly out to the main Location in mid-September.

So apologies, but this one's gonna be brief.

Had a great time at the Strange Games Festival on 25-28th August. Got to test out the Trophy Hunter and RNE 5W2NGR the Military Android, who both went down well.

As you can see, Kris has done a fabulous job of realising these 2 Big Nasties, and people appreciated the way that they operate differently to the MonsterBug, bringing new dangers and a different dynamic to the gameplay when they're on the board. I'll talk about that in more detail later, when I have the time.

Also tried out a new tweak to the way Big Nasties are brought into the game, which I think makes them work much better. More on that later too.

Just a heads-up that the October newsletter is likely to be late. We land back in the UK on 1st October and I go straight into the edit, so I'm not likely to have much space to think (let alone write anything) until the second week of October. By then, I hope to have a big announcement to make - game gods willing.

Until then, steer clear of dark corners... M€

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