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FLYGIRL DETERMINED 2022-12-02_edited.jpg

Art & graphics

placeholder only - not final

Our latest project - and one we're looking to crowdfund in Q2 of 2024

As the hapless crew of CSS Pandora you discover that the Company has smuggled on board all the horrors of the Sci-Fi universe - and you'll only survive if you work together. But some Crew appear to have other motives...  Will you get off this floating coffin alive? 



Warfare? Technology? Trading? What will you base your empire on as you strive to become the Czar of Viking Russia?


Survive the duel on the Main Street and play your cards right to put down your opponent first. 

Board Stupid
board stupid button curvy.png


A crazy, wild ride of snowboarding mayhem!

Will you be first to finish or will you  wipeout spectacularly?


Praise from others: 

Rus:  An interesting historical game that has the feel of Twilight Imperium squeezed into a comfortable 2 hours [4pp game]  .... If you like your area control with meat on the bones it's well worth playing.    David, BGG


Rus: Age of the Vikings:  "loved its strong historical theme and the broad range of gameplay options"     Tony B


Stetsons & Sixguns: "Pure madness and merriment"     Nik B

Print & Play Copies  available 

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