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Unique  momentum  mechanic

At the end of every turn, your speed increases - so you’re trying to keep control of an ever-accelerating board as you go downhill

Under development ..
A  game  of  snowboarding  mayhem

Snowboard-Cross:  We’ve all seen it on the Winter Olympics — 4 mad snowboarders hurtle down an obstacle course and try not to         collide or wipe-out spectacularly when they do

In this light-hearted combo of push-your-luck and hand-management, we recreate that chaotic experience on the tabletop

            Board Stupid
Snowboarder image_edited_edited.png
Push your luck

Obstacles & corners accumulate Wobble Pips. Get too much Wobble, and you’re likely to...

board stupid wipeout no background_edited_edited.png
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