A strategic and economic strategy game  for 2-5 players 

that can be played by Amerigamers and Eurogamers

at the same time!    Dur: 30 mins per player

Who will you be?


Viking? Bulgar? Slav? Lithuanian? Khazar? or Rus?


You have only one goal: to become Czar of Viking Russia until none dare challenge you to the imperial throne. But be aware: the random appearance of the Black Death can instantly end your struggle for dominance and finish the game.

Quotes from our first Beta-testers:


The strategic decisions about what to pick and when are a truly fun part of this game. I also enjoy the alternative path/counterfactual history aspects such as allowing the Golden Horde to be Catholic if that is how the player wishes to go.  Richard, Nebraska, BGG


"Mike had quite a few Eurogamers who you would not have traditionally seen playing a game like Rus and they enjoyed it so much one said: 'I didnt want it to end.'  Can't think of better praise out of the day."     OrganiserBattlequest Games Day


Print 'n' Play and Print 'n' Send


If you would like a black & white Print 'n' Play

copy of RUS, simply email us at info@guntowergames.com

Tell us whether you would like it in US format or A4.

We can also Print and Send you a full-colour copy for £15 + postage & packing.

E-mail us with your name and address for a quote. 

How will you become the all-conquering Czar of Russia?


Will you gain territory by warfare and diplomacy, or will you trade with your rivals to increase your political and cultural influence?  Are you savvy enough to judge when it’s most advantageous to switch Powers? 





Breaking News .................


RUS is being handed over at Essen to a Big-Name publisher which has expressed an interest in the game. 


It's just the next in many hurdles it will have to cross in order to get published, but with the help of our P'n'Players, we think we have given it the very best shot at success.


So thank you all