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I almost didn’t write this newsletter this week because I have a ton of stuff coming down the pipeline that I’m keen to tell you about and I wanted to wait for it to develop. But then I realised that was a slippery slope towards never writing this thing, so instead I’ll give you some teasers…

But first, we’ve got some new art to show you:

As many of you know, each Crewmember starts the game with a personal deck of 9 cards that are asymmetrically skewed to reflect their personality and skillset. They can enhance this deck by running round the Ship to Pick-Up Tools and Memory cards that help increase their chances of survival and lets them do what needs to be done.

Flygirl is the archetypal kick-ass female pilot who appears in all of these stories; so her deck is skewed towards fighting and sneaking around in the Aircon:

She also has 2 Hero cards that are unique to her, which increase her survival skills (Fight & DODGE!) and lets her Decouple the Escape Vehicles faster than most of the other characters (Emergency Take-Off!) – the art on this last card is still a placeholder until Rick completes her new one.

Kris has also been working on the icons for these cards. I hope most of them are self-explanatory just by glancing at them, but here’s the Icon Key which will be printed on every Player Mat.

So whadda you think? Feel free to drop me a line with any feedback you might have – or better still, join our Facebook community and start a conversation:


So much to tell you about: so little time…

In just 5 weeks (5 weeks – eep!), we’ll be travelling up to Harrogate, to show off the first full-art demo copy of the game at Airecon. So if you’re going to the convention be sure to seek us out at Guntower Games on Demo Table 7 – we’d love to chat to you and show you the game.

In the meantime, many of you told us that the board felt too cramped and was cluttered by the Aircon. Well, we listened, and this is the result:

It’s at least 30% bigger now, and feels nice and roomy to play on.

Reconfiguring the Aircon so that it would fold up and fit into the box was a bit of a challenge, but I think we managed it. In fact, we took the opportunity to redesign the Aircon so that it could be die-cut in its entirety out of 2 or 3 acrylic boards – at some point when I have time (hollow laugh), I’ll make a video showing how we did this. Speaking of videos, do check out our YouTube channel, where we not only post updates on Pandora’s progress, but a bunch of other interesting stuff as well:

And if you haven’t done so already, please, please, please log onto our BGG Page: and either rate the game or at least add it to your Wishlist by clicking on ‘Add to Collection’: it really does make a huge difference, believe me.

Finally, we have a couple of playtests coming up which I’m planning to turn into a ‘Watch it Played’ video. I’ll post you a link to them when they’re done.

Thanks for reading – and watch out for those dark corners!


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