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PANDORA'S LOG, Stardate 230424 Supplemental

Well Peeps, we FINALLY have a Tabletopia Mod up and running!

It's free to play and you can access it here:

I’ve also set up a Discord Channel which will have updated links as and when I create them. Please do come and join us to try out the game and chat about it.

The initial table I’ve set up is for 1-3 players to try out the Prologue of the Learning Campaign, which is designed for you to play straight out of the box. Everything needed for the Prologue is already laid out – including the seeding of the Crew Decks* – so all you need to do is turn to p.5 of the accompanying ‘TEECH’ document (the bit after the obligatory intro & set-up instructions) and simply start playing. Note that Tokens 1-4 and 13-17 are already laid out for you on the board.

You can also use this table to play any other Setup in the demo game, simply by dropping all the Tokens into their relevant bags to randomise the setup and reshuffling the Nasty Action and Aircon Decks (you never shuffle the Ship & Memory Decks, as these are arranged in numerical order for you to find and draw cards from).

Please do try it out and let me know what is and isn’t working. The more feedback I can get at this point, the better, since this is the way I can refine the rules and improve the game.

And please also take the time to rate the game or even write a report on our BGG Page.

I’m aware that Tabletopia doesn’t have some of the more advanced functions of TTS – such as a Search the Deck function for example. So I’ve set up the Ship Deck in numerical order and the Memory Deck in the order that you come across the cards during the TEECH.

It was a bit of a Mission to make this. I plan to write that up in (hopefully) amusing detail at some point, so watch this space.

And some time soon, I hope to add a TTS Mod for those of you who are more comfortable with that system – just as soon as I can get the damn deckbuilder to stop blurring my cardfiles.

Until then, stay frosty, don’t back into any dark corners… and enjoy!


*Note that Skins' Bypass Protocol card has already been removed from his Deck, as per the instructions on TEECH p.4. It is not yet marked with an 'x' as the card needs to be updated.

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