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PANDORA’S LOG: STARDATE 230531 Supplemental

Man it’s been a hectic month!

We’re still frantically prepping for the UK Games Expo. We still have to pack, and we leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

But I couldn’t resist stopping to show you what we’ve been putting together over the last few days…

Is it a box? Is it an insert?

No, it's a gameboard!

This is our ‘3D board in a box’ concept, which we’re going to be showing off at the Expo this weekend.

We’re also showing it to manufacturers, to see how they could make it.

It will probably turn out to be prohibitively expensive, but we’re going to run with it as far as we can.

If you’re at the Expo, come say ‘hi’ and try it out. We’re at 2-447 – can’t miss us!

See you at the Expo, I hope.


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