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PANDORA’S LOG: Stardate 23021127

Good morning Crew,

I’m writing this early for 2 reasons.  First, I’m going to be very busy at the start of December, so I thought it best to do this sooner rather than later.  But more importantly, we have exciting news…

PANDORA CELESTE now has a Preview Page on Gamefound!

This isn’t a launch page.  This is a Gamefound Preview, introducing Gamefound users to the game and inviting them to follow along.

I must admit, this is a nerve-wracking moment for me.  Ultimately, everything hinges on people signing up to this page.  We cannot launch until this page hits a magic number – and we’re a long way off from that number right now. 

So can I ask you please to support Pandora in whatever way you can.  Follow us on Gamefound here.  Send the link to everyone you know on social media.  Tweet/X us, Facebook us, Reddit us, Instagram us, talk about us on BGG – let as many people as you can know about us so that we can build the numbers on our Gamefound page. 

The more followers we have, the more visible we become on Gamefound, because that’s the way the algorithm works. 

Without your active support, we’re dead in the ether.  So if you want to see this game get published as much as I do, please click Follow on Gamefound, write a post in the comments section telling people how much you enjoyed the demo which brought you here in the first place and let people know we exist!

We can’t do this without you.  So the time for lurking in dark corners is past.

It’s time to step into the light!

Thanks for your support.


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