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PANDORA'S LOG: Stardate 24020403

We have a TTS Mod!

Yes Peeps, finally we have a mod up and running on TableTop Simulator where you can try out the Learning Campaign of Pandora Celeste.

For those of you not familiar with TTS, TableTop Simulator is an online sandbox which you can access through the Steam computer games platform.  It enables you to play boardgames on your computer kind of as if you were playing them on the table with your friends.  It takes a bit of getting used to and adds at least half an hour to any game simply due to the handling of the controls; but it’s a great way for a developer like me to get our games in front of people like you to give them a trial run – on the understanding of course that it will inevitably feel slower on TTS than in real-life due to the nature of the system.

I have posted the link to the TTS Mod on our Discord Server, along with links to the Learn to Play Booklet and other manuals.  Feel free to hop onto the server and start playing the game.

The mod is set up so that you can dive straight into the Prologue of the Learning Campaign without any prior setup needed.  If you then want to continue with any of the other Learning Scenarios, you will have to reset the board – unless of course you opt to play it as an ongoing campaign. 

The Learn to Play Campaign is a series of short games designed to teach you the game one step at a time as you play along.  This means you don’t have to read the entire rulebook before you start playing.  Instead, you can simply open the box (or in this case the mod) and do what it tells you on Page X of the Learn to Play.  By the time the campaign is over, you will have a very good idea of how to play the game, and can mix and match the various components to create standalone scenarios with a host of replayability.

And the more Big Nasty Monsters we can unlock in the Crowdfunding Campaign, the more replayable the game becomes 😈

I’ll be available on Discord this Sunday (7th April) to run demo games for anyone who’s interested - just ping me on Discord to set up a time.  But I’d encourage you all to try out the game without me.  And to give you an added incentive, I’ve posted some feedback forms into the Playtest-feedback stream of Discord.  Anyone who plays the Learning Campaign and submits a playtester feedback form will be put into a prize draw to get 1 copy of the Deluxe Game of Pandora Celeste with all unlocked Stretch Goals if the game is funded.  The cutoff date will be the end of the Crowdfunding Campaign, when we will draw 1 name at random from those who have submitted forms. 

I’d also encourage you to start suggesting what other Nasties you’d like to see stalking through the Pandora Celeste.  We already have the Big 3: the MonsterBug, the Trophy Hunter and RNE 5W2NGR the Military Android.  I’m currently working on the ShapeShifter – more on that in a later post – and I have plans for a Time Jumper and the Garr’Goyle.  What else would be cool?  Oolar on Tripods?  A Flurry of Fluffies?  The Cyber-lators?  Let us know in the Suggestions channel on Discord what monsters you would most like to see.

We are climbing slowly on our Gamefound Preview Page, but we have a long way to go.  So please sign up if you haven’t done so already, and tell everyone you know about the game.

And finally, here’s a fabulous little moment from Airecon which I’d like to share with you all.  That moment when you realise that this game really does have everything…. 😂

That particular game ultimately ended with the Captain flushing all the other Crewmembers out through the airlock, but it was touch and go.  Yet another game that went right down to the wire…

That’s it for now Peeps.  Do please try us out on Discord – and watch out for those dark corners.


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