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PANDORA'S LOG: Stardate 24020105

Happy New Year, Crewmates!   I hope your Crimbo break was full of cardboard fun.

As most of you know, we now have a Preview Page up and running on Gamefound.  If you haven’t Followed us there already, please press this button:

You might wonder why you have to do this, since you are already following us here; but by actively pressing ‘Follow’, you are signalling to us that you are likely to support the game when it Launches in a few months time – and the number of Followers on Gamefound is the metric we use to decide when to Launch.

So if you want to see this game get published, please Follow us on Gamefound.

If you’ve played the demo, we’d really appreciate you also writing a quick post telling people just how much you enjoyed it.  That kind of social media validation goes a long way towards persuading others to join.

And talking of demos, we’re busily working behind the scenes to get a Print & Play out by the end of this month, along with a TTS mod.  We’ve been getting some incredibly helpful advice from the lovely peeps at Martin’s Print & Play Hideaway on Facebook (thank you 🙏), but have discovered that the platform where we’re building our cards doesn’t support some of the QoL features that makes PnPs easy to put together.

For instance, this example page of Flygirl’s Crew Cards doesn’t have crosshairs on the corner of the cards to help with cutting out, and adding crosshairs in Component Studio is proving a bit of a challenge – to the extent that we are seriously considering just adding guidelines to the backs of the cards, because that CAN be done in CS (where crosshairs can’t).

So what do you think?  If we were to provide the cards with their backs in a grid like this, so that you’d use the grid to cut out the cards would that work for you?

Once we’ve ironed out these wrinkles, we should be ready to open Pandora’s PnP Box in early Feb.

Don't forget to Follow on Gamefound – and don’t back into any dark corners!


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