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PANDORA’S LOG: Stardate 24020302

First: an apology.  You may have received an email from me last week welcoming you aboard the Pandora.  This was a welcome email that I’d compiled for the new crewmembers who joined us at FBG Con and the Dudley Bug Ball.  However, as I was pressing ‘send’, I got distracted at just the wrong moment and pressed ‘send to all’ rather than the select group it was intended for.  So sorry about that – my bad.

Secondly: the lovely Libby and Julian of Boxed Meeples spent some of last month trying out our Learn to Play campaign.  You can see what they thought of it here:

Spoiler alert: they loved it!  We’d really appreciate it if you could repay their kind words by watching the video, Liking it and even leaving a Comment on their channel.  It helps both us and them to increase the profile of the game – the more likes & comments you leave, the more YouTube takes notice.

And finally: I’m hoping that this isn’t the only update I’ll be sending you this month. 

We are this close  

to finalising our PnP and TTS Mod files – so close in fact that I almost considered postponing this newsletter till they were done.  But instead I thought it would be better to send out the usual start of the month Pandora’s Log, then follow it up with a Supplemental when all the files are ready.

In fact, all that’s left to do is to update the Living Rules and the Learn to Play booklet. 

At the moment, these are standard A4 Word files that look like the picture on the left. 

But we’re working to reformat them into the more presentable format on the right, complete with callout balloons and helpful comments from L'il Nasti

The information is basically the same, though we are constantly refining and clarifying it in response to feedback from our players.

So what do you think?  Should we release the taster mods with the more basic game manuals, or should we wait until we’ve refined things and got them how we want them to look?  Please let us know in the Comments – or email us at

If you’re keen to get a sneak peek at the TTS Mod, we’re planning to run a handful of beta test demos with our Facebook group in the upcoming weeks before going live.  So please do join our Facebook group at and let us know if you’d like to take part in one of these.

And finally, if you haven’t already, do be sure to Follow us on Gamefound:   This is the metric we use to check whether we’re on-track to Launch the Crowdfunding campaign, so if you want to see this game go live, you need to show us by signing up here.

Thanks for reading Peeps – and watch out for those dark corners!


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